Silicon Chemistry Team

Silicon Chemistry Team is mainly working on the development of efficient and selective catalysis for organosilicon materials in the national project "Development of Innovative Catalytic Processes for Organosilicon Functional Materials" from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan (METI) and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). The main targets of this project are (1) development of Manufacturing Process Technology for Organosilicon Raw Materials from Sand, and (2) development of Manufacturing Process Technology for Organosilicon Functional Materials from Organosilicon Raw Materials. Our team is also working on heteroelement chemistry as well as the development of base metals catalysts.

Team Leader, Dr. Yumiko Nakajima(Ph. D)


  • Development of catalysis technology for organosilicon functional materials
  • Development of 3d-transition-metal catalysts

Development of catalysis technology for organosilicon functional materials

Organosilicon materials have excellent properties such as high heat-resistance, high light-stability and light transparency and are widely used as irreplaceable materials. However, current manufacturing processes have a number of problems such as a lack of reliable method for structure control, low selectivity and high costs. We are trying to solve these problems and to develop novel manufacturing processes for high-performance organosilicon materials through the national project.

Development of 3d-transition-metal catalysts3d

3d metals such as Fe, Co and Ni are much cheaper than precious metals such as Pt, Pd, and Rh, which are commonly used for catalysis. 3d metal complexes often exhibit high reactivity towards organic transformations and these complexes have high potential as efficient catalysts. We are trying to develop novel catalytic reactions by using 3d-transition-metals through the activation of unreactive chemical bonds.

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Position Name Email(*)
Team Leader Yumiko NAKAJIMA yumiko-nakajima
Senior Researcher Tesuo YATABE tetsuo-yatabe
Senior Researcher Shinji TANAKA shinji-tanaka
Researcher Yuki NAGANAWA  yuki.naganawa
AIST Postdoctoral Researcher Koya INOMATA inomata.0603
AIST Postdoctoral Researcher Shiori FUJIMORI fujimori.72n
AIST Postdoctoral Researcher Mathew SIBY mashu.sibimathew
Technical Staff Guo HAIQING
Technical Staff Atsuko OGAWA
Technical Staff Naoto SATO
Research Assistant Gautam MONIKA
Research Assistant Jheng Nai-Yuan
 Invited Researcher Akira Sekiguchi
Collaborating Visitors Kei SAKAMOTO
Collaborating Visitors Takashi KURAGANO
Assistant Kazumi SATO

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