Heteroatom Chemistry Team

Heteroatom-containing organic compounds are known as useful functional materials, intermediate compounds for organic syntheses, and medicines and agricultural chemicals. In many cases, however, conventional syntheses of such heteroatom-containing organic compounds are still limited as desaltation reactions of halo-heteroatom bond with organometallics such as organomagnesium halides. Development of catalytic syntheses of heteroatom-compounds provides not only economical and environmentally friendly processes but also novel attractive functional chemicals.

Team Leader, Dr. Fukaya Norihisa


  • Catalytic preparations of sulfur, selenium, tellurium and phosphorous-containing organic compounds
  • Development of functional phosphorus-containing materials
  • Development of novel boron and silicon-containing polymers
  • Microwave-assisted carbon-carbon bond formation reaction

Catalytic preparations of sulfur, selenium, tellurium and phosphorous-containing organic compounds

We have developped catalytic reactions to yield useful sulfur, selenium, tellurium and phosphorous-containing organic compounds.

1. Various chalcogenides could be activated by group X transition metal complexes and the resulting metal-chalcogen compounds were applied for catalytic transformation to form novel chalcogen-containing compounds.

2. Very efficient atom-transfer polymerization of vourious ethynyl derivatives were acieved via AIBN-iniciated radical formation of organic-tellurium compounds.

3. Various vinyl phosphorous compounds could be synthesized via tansition metal catalyzed phosphorous-hydrogen bond activation followed by insertion reaciton of carbon unsaturated compounds such as acetylenes, olefins, and dienes. Those vinyl phosphorous compounds were expected to be useful as reactive monomers for novel phosphorous-containing polymers.

Development of functional phosphorus-containing materials

We have investegated the catalytic preparation of phosphorus-containg compounds and properties of the resulting compounds. Thus we have found thoese compounds can be applied to novel functional materials and biological active chemicals. For examples, some of the vinylphosphorus compounds were found to be useful as environment-benign flame retardants when added to plastics. Catalytic process were also applied to formations of optically active phosphorus compounds.

Development of novel boron and silicon-containing polymers

We have developped novel boron-silicon polymers containing both of borazine and cyclic polysiloxane units. The polymers were synthesized via catalytic hydrosilylation polymerization and showed excellent thermal, mechanical and electronical properties. Thus we have applied their thin films as insulator materials for semiconductor devices. Hydrosilylation polymerization were also applied for preparation of membrane materials for gas separation.

Microwave-assisted carbon-carbon bond formation reaction

We have evaluated dielectric properties of various organic compounds in order to utilize for microwave absorption. Then we have developed very effective microwave-assisted chemical processes using the results of the evaluations. We could achieve to fabricate efficient processes for production of useful functional materials.

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Position Name Email(*)
Team Leader Norihisa FUKAYA n.fukaya
Chief Senior Researcher Li-Biao HAN libiao-han
Senior researcher Hiroshi YAMASHITA hiro-yamashita
Senior researcher Masayasu IGARASHI masayasu-igarashi
Researcher Keita FUCHISE k-fuchise
Researcher Satpriyo Wahyu, PUTRO wahyu.putro
Specialist for Specific Subject (Research) Yoshimitsu ISHIHARA yoshimitsu-ishihara
Specialist for Specific Subject (Research) Daisuke NODA daisuke-noda
AIST Postdoctoral Researcher Takeshi NOZAWA t.nozawa
Technical Staff Toshiaki KOBAYASHI t.kobayashi
Technical Staff Mie YAMAMOTO beh-yamamoto
Technical Staff Makiko HATORI m-hatori
Technical Staff Toshio HORIKOSHI toshio-horikoshi
Technical Staff Tomohiro MATSUMOTO tomohiro-matsumoto
Technical Staff Fujio YAGIHASHI f-yagihashi
Technical Staff Naoko MIURA n-miura
Assistant Mutsumi OKADA okada-mu

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