Information about our teams

  • Clicl to Zoom Silicon Chemistry Team

    Our team is mainly working on the development of highly efficient and
    selective catalysis for the production of organosilicon materials.

  • Clicl to Zoom Innovative Oxidation Team

    Our team develops environmentally benign oxidation processes and aims their industrialization in cooperation with companies and universities.

  • Clicl to Zoom Functional Group Transformation Team

    This group aims to contribute the fields of catalysis chemistry related with transformation of molecular frames and functional groups.

  • Clicl to Zoom Heteroatom Chemistry Team

    We are working on the discovery of high functional materials by efficient use of Heteroatom compounds (P, S, B, Si etc).

  • Clicl to Zoom Catalyst Design Team

    Objective of our research is development of recyclable immobilized catalyst and highly dispersed metal catalyst for highly efficient chemical reactions. In addition, we are developing a technique for utilization of CO2 as chemical feedstock in green synthetic processes.

  • Clicl to Zoom Advanced Heterogeneous Catalysis Team

    We are challenging to identify attractive chemical synthesis routes, understand the fundamentals of required catalytic pathways and the necessity of tuning different catalytically active sites for the conversion of biomass to selective basic chemicals useful in petrochemical and energy industries by using heterogeneous catalytic technology.

  • Clicl to Zoom Flow Chemistry Team

    We are developing a continuous flow synthesis for the production of fine chemicals, which can significantly reduce waste, improve safety, and reduce costs.

  • Clicl to Zoom Digital-Driven Chemistry Team

    Digital-driven chemistry team

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